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Centrifugal casting

Our company has been producing products using the method of centrifugal casting for more than 15 years. During the works we use the state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, our products are of utmost quality. Our experienced workers are able to create an original, form and produce a sample according to our customer’s wishes. All that not later than in a few hours. At the same time we co-operate with the leading galvanization companies in the Liberec region and we are able to provide quality galvanization of the products. Our major advantage is speed, accuracy and quality of the works performed while maintaining favorable prices.

Centrifugal casting:

Centrifugal castingThe method of centrifugal casting is based on setting the metal model in the non-vulcanized moulding material. Variously broken joint faces can be created. After vulcanization of the moulding material, the exact imprint of the model remains in the form. Casting of zinc alloy, zinc and lead compositions, the so called white metals (Sn - Sb – Pb) can be made in the centrifugal casting machine.

Castings achieve dimension accuracy of 0.1-0,5 mm. Surface of the castings is clean and of high quality with minimum requirements for further finishing, they can be further finished by galvanized metal coating (copper, nickel, gold plating etc.) or by painting using power varnishes or enamels.

Centrifugal casting technology is very fast – preparation of forms takes a few hours. It is convenient for small batches of castings, orders of five to one hundred pieces made from one model are quite common, and on the other hand it is very productive and can be used also for batches of 100-150 thousand pieces.

Centrifugal casting is an excellent technology for the production of prototype and pilot runs in all industry sectors. Within a few days and with very low costs tens to hundreds of castings can be obtained for verification of functionality, resistance and appearance. Continuous implementation of changes needed is easy without any expensive additional adjustment of tools of mass production – forms for metal or plastic compression casting. Additionally, castings from centrifugal casting are the closest to the real production technology – compression casting as to their characteristics and precision.