You can purchase in our e-shop

You can purchase in our e-shop

Fishing tackle

úlovekMy name is Tomas Prada and this year it is 28let what I first held a fishing rod. During that time a lot of water escaped and became active fishermen with fishing equipment merchant who offers products manufactured in the Czech Republic and abroad for a brand,, ALKAR Fishing Tackle,,. As the owner of the brand I wanted to tell you that my products offered are carefully tested and mime goal is not quantity but quality of goods offered.

As a businessman I know that you need a big margin and marketable goods, sufficient revenues, many new, small claims, good service, products with the manual and EAN code. But you also need a bit of luck business, family background, that you support, health and ultimately a stable and reliable suppliers respect. I am well aware that it is a very important customer feedback and hope that you will actively participate in the achievement of quality goods.

úlovekThe year 2012/2013 we expanded range of services to fishing and fishing tackle jewelry that we supply to more than 30 stores with fishing tackle. The needs of fishing and fishing jewelry we offer: Fishing Swivels, fishing snap, hooks, steel wire, disguises, tangle-free, rubber stopper, beads, silicone tubing, shrink tubing and various trimmings.Than fishing boats, four-stroke internal combustion boat motors, rods, landing nets , forks, beds, chairs, bivvy, particles and live bait-worms, earthworms, bait fish. This is what brand fishing tackle, fishing tackle Alkar, which can be found in a stone shop in Jablonec nad Nisou or e-shop

Peter's success. - Tomas Prada General manager -Alkar fishing tackle